About Us

Globim Corporation/TransGlobim International Inc. is a consortium of internationally-recognized and multi-disciplinary engineering organizations, experts and specialists in various fields of transportation and infrastructure. Internally, Globim has adequate personnel capabilities to implement any engineering project from start to finish. This includes design and construction, management of contractors and subcontractors, manufacturing and requisite supply needed to complete any rail project.

Globim also has the capability to manage the post-construction maintenance of any infrastructure that it may be called upon to operate. At Globim, we believe that the multi-lateral experiences and resources of the member firms and individuals combined with a management approach to multitask contracts makes Globim eminently well qualified to work with Governments in their people mover projects.

Our capabilities in the design, construction building and operation of railway systems include:

  • Railway planning
  • Rail program management
  • Freight and passenger rail operation
  • Construction of railway tracks and bridges
  • Design, build and operate train marshalling and operate intermodal facilities
  • Design, manufacture and supply chain management of railway components
  • Sourcing of replacement rolling stock equipment and components

TransGlobim "Transporter"

TransGlobim would solicit and admit local and international structural, rolling stock and financial partners to form the consortium to build and operate the respective lines.

TransGlobim intends to bring modern, fast, effective and efficient rail transportation. The "Transporter" rail system will be based on the experiences of successful multimodal freight and passenger train operations worldwide and would provide:

A fully functional intermodal system to complement trucking and road transportation thereby relieving the pressure on the road network:

  • Affordable, safe and efficient movement of people between cities
  • Improved, affordable and reliable flow of goods to and from industries
  • Improved well being of travelers
  • The catalyst for rural development by reducing rural – urban migration
  • A means of exploiting natural resources
  • Employment opportunities for locals
  • Tax revenue for the Government, and
  • Overall improvement to the economy

Globim Philosophy

"Give a country a turnkey project and you enslave them forever. Involve them in the development and execution of the project and they can sustain it forever." Therefore, Globim’s philosophy is multifold:

  • Develop and foster integrated multimodal transportation systems
  • Harness local capabilities to ensure technology transfer that builds indigenous capacity, and
  • Be successful by making our clients more successful.

The future is now. Come join us to realize a 21st century dream.